What is The Cross Border Directive?

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The Cross Border Directive is an EU program that enables you to get surgery in another EU country and then be reimbursed afterwards by the HSE.

If you have a letter from your GP referring you to a public consultant in a public hospital in Ireland.


You have been assessed by a public consultant in a public hospital and are on a waiting list for a procedure you are eligible for the Cross Border Directive service.

A Visual guide to the CBD from the European Commission


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         Get in touch

Call at 01 657 9015 or apply online and one of our dedicated team will call you to set up an in clinic appointment or you can email at cbd@chartermedical.ie.



     Eligibility Assessment

Make an appointment with us and we will provide you with an eligibility assessment. This includes seeing a doctor and other allied healthcare professionals when appropriate.

You will also meet with a member of our patient liaison team to explain how the process works, how much it will cost and how you will reclaim that cost from the HSE.


    How to apply for the CBD

We will guide you through the process of applying for the CBD and walk you through the necessary forms you’ll need to submit for the application process.




     Apply for a short term bridging loan

We have arranged with Credit Unions that if you apply for the CBD through us you can get a bridging loan to cover the costs of your treatment within 48 hours, subject to credit status.

We will also arrange critical care health insurance for you should you need it, free of charge.



    No co-pay fees

We ensure that the cost to you will not be more than the amount that the HSE will reimburse for the procedure.

i.e. there is no co-pay element for you.



  Travel in comfort

Fly to a Ramsay Health Care Charter Medical will arrange for you to travel to a Ramsay Health Care Hospital.

Ramsay Health Care will make a contribution of up to a maximum of €200 (up to one night) towards your flights and accommodation. In the majority of cases this will cover the costs.



    After Care

We facilitate and cover the cost of a physiotherapy program in Ireland as part of our service to those patients recovering from orthopaedic procedures.



     Claim your money back

Once you’re back in Ireland we will assist you in getting reimbursed from the HSE.

On your return to Ireland we will assist you in the reimbursement process with the HSE. See here for more details.