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Edward – Kildare

“My GP recommended the Cross Border and Charter Medical as he told me I had cataracts in both eyes. Things can’t have gone better. Charter Medical kept talking to us and getting back to us, they let us know what was happening. I didn’t mind travelling to Dublin. They couldn’t have been nicer. I would recommend them to everyone. They organised flights and the hotel for us.

When we landed in the airport we were picked up by a taxi and taken to the hospital. The hospital was fantastic, I don’t have a bad word to say about any of it from the receptionist to the medical staff, they couldn’t do enough for us. The manager came out to meet us and took us up to see the Consultant. The Consultant went through everything with me, told me what was going to happen. I felt very comfortable. I didn’t even know the operation was happening when I was getting it done.  We were treated like kings. It was like going on holiday to a 5-star hotel. Even the food was lovely, I would go back for that alone.

The hotel was also fantastic, lovely place and the food was amazing. They all made us feel very welcome.

What a difference it has made to me, you don’t believe the effect having the operation has had on me. I can read again, see colours properly. I would do it all again in the morning, in fact I will go back and get the other eye done. 

The service is 1st class, second to none!”

Noel – Cork

 “I had been on the waiting list for 9 months to see a consultant about having my cataracts done, and was fed up of waiting, My GP had heard of you and referred me to you. I felt we got the ball moving very quickly and timely and me and the wife made the trip to Dublin for my assessment. It’s been a long time since I had been in Dublin and I enjoyed making the trip. You couldn’t do enough for me in Charter. I felt completely at ease as I was able to put a face to the names of the people I had been chatting with so far. I was surprised things moved so fast, less than two weeks of me coming for my travel assessment I was given a date of surgery. 

The flight was so quick I didn’t even have time for a cup of tea! The hospital was 20mins from the airport. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the hotel I wasn’t expecting something so grand, I told my wife about it and now she wants to visit! 

When I got to the hospital I was greeted by the Operations Manager and the Matron. I was brought up for my Consultant appointment and eye test. The consultant completely reassured me that everything would be ok and I was in the best hands. 

The next morning when I had my surgery the surgeon met with me and told me there were no complications and everything went perfect. I haven’t stopped telling all of my friends about you and I am only sorry I didn’t hear about you sooner as my wife had a hip replacement a couple of weeks before I contacted you, and she would of loved to use you. I was also told during his eye test that further down the line I would need my other eye done, I will definitely come back to you to have it done”

Daniel – Drogheda

“I was on a waiting list for a hip replacement operation for 18 months when a colleague told me about the Cross Border Directive scheme. I organised to have the operation in the UK following serious pain. I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst enemy. I chose to book the operation with Charter Medical’s help. You pay for the operation up front, I went to my local credit union where I got a bridging loan two weeks later. I had the operation a couple of weeks after that. Costs included paying a (refundable) deposit of €200. The only expense I had to cover was one night in the hotel.”

Bob – Cork

“My cataracts meant it was like trying to look through a dirty windscreen. The glare of the sun or lights would dazzle me. I was told that I was going to have to wait two and a half years for an operation. I couldn’t wait that long. I am the kind of person where if there is a something wrong I get it fixed. The CBD is a great scheme where you don’t have to wait if you don’t want to. I decided to contact Charter Medical after reading an article in The Times. First contact was by phone, they were excellent and gave me all of the information I needed. They talked me through the process, provided a list of accredited hospitals and organised my journey there and back. Charter Medical were with us every step of the way, everything was organised from home to back home again. with us every step of the way. Everything was organised 

It would be hard to improve, everything went so smoothly. I have been recommending Charter Medical to all our friends. Everything was done very well, the organising, flights, Hospital. Jennifer and Ciara were excellent, the personal touch was brilliant. If I had any problem in the future I would be contacting them.”