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One of our patients, Willie Dwyer, shares his complete surgery experience below:

“I would recommend Charter Medical to everyone. They organised flights and the hotel for us.”

“What a difference it has made to me, you don’t believe the effect having the operation has had on me.”

“I would do it all again in the morning, in fact I will go back and get the other eye done. “

“You couldn’t do enough for me in Charter. I was surprised things moved so fast.”

“The consultant completely reassured me that I was in the best hands. “

“I haven’t stopped telling all of my friends about you and I am only sorry I didn’t hear about you sooner”

“I was told I would need to have an operation on my other eye, I will definitely come back to you to have it done”

“The service is 1st class, second to none!”

“It would be hard to improve, everything went so smoothly. “

“I have been recommending Charter Medical to all our friends. Everything was done very well, the organising, flights, Hospital. “

“Ciara and Jennifer were excellent, the personal touch was brilliant. “

“We were treated like kings. It was like going on holiday to a 5-star hotel. Even the food was lovely, I would go back for that alone.”

“I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the hotel I wasn’t expecting something so grand”