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Medi Executive
Clinical Staff
Senior Health Screening Doctor
Senior Health Screening Nurse
Medi Executive
Indices Measured
Presenting Health Issues/Symptoms Review
Medical History
Lifestyle and Nutritional Assessment
Relevant Family History
Medi Executive
Review Of Prescriptions
Review of Current Prescription
Change or Renewal as required
Medi Executive
Physical Examination
Blood pressure
Body Mass Index
Abdominal Girth
Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Cardiovascular Examination
Respiratory Examination
Thyroid Examination
Abdominal Examination
Musculo-Skeletal Examination
Breast Examination (Women Only)
Pelvic Examination (women Only-If Indicated)
Testicular Examination (Men Only)
Lung Function Test
Medi Executive
Clinical Investigtions
Full blood count
Bone Profile
Liver Function Test
Lipid Profile (total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL Cholesterol)
Fasting Blood Glucose (Diabetes)
Kidney Function Test
Vitamin D Levels
Thyroid Function Test
Vitamin B12 & Folate
Hormone Profile (Women, only if required)
Fertility (Women, only if required)
CA 125 (Ovarian Tumour Marker)
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)
Stool Analysis (FIT Kit)
Cervical Smear (If Indicated)
Chest X-Ray (If clinically Indicated)
Dexa Scan (If clinically Indicated)
Hearing Assessment (If indicated)
Medi Executive
Extras & Prices
Complimentary Food
Complete Medical Debrief Posted
Time (Minutes) 90 90-120
Price €295 €495