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How do I make an appointment?

To arrange your health screen please call (01) 657 9000 or email healthscreening@chartermedical.ie

Our health screening coordinator is available Monday to Friday to discuss your options and answer queries. Once your appointment has been made you will be emailed (or posted if requested) a confirmation, directions to the clinic and an information leaflet outlining the tests and evaluations you will undertake. You will also be sent a health questionnaire that we ask you to complete prior to your health screen. You can email this back to us or bring it with you on the day.

Is there anything I need to do in preparation for my health screen?

In order to obtain accurate results, we ask that you fast for at least 12 hours before your health screen. Within this timeframe you can take water and if you are taking any medication we advise that you continue to do so as normal.

Afternoon screening appointments (after 1pm), will consist of non–fasting bloods, we advsie a light breakfast, no butter or chocolate and sugar free liquids on the day of the screen.

In some instances our medical team may require you to remove certain items of clothing. We advise that you dress comfortably in loose fitting clothing where possible. We also supply gowns if necessary.

What happens on the day of my health screen?

Health Screening is broken into several different components depending on your screen of choice. Where possible your blood tests will be the first part of your assessment. You will then talk to the Senior Health Screening doctor to review your health, lifestyle, and medical history. The doctor will then discuss with you any additional testing or radiology that may be beneficial or clinically indicated.

Your doctor will discuss your options in your consultation so you are well equipped to make the right.

When and how do I get my results

Once we receive your results they are reviewed by our clinical staff and prepared for your de-brief which you will receive by email in 15 working days (or posted if requested). This will include your test results, explanations and any clinical follow-up recommended.

Please note that if there are any results that our clinical staff deem critical or abnormal they will be followed up immediately.