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What does a sexual health screen cost?

  • Full sexual health screen costs €120
  • Full sexual health screen – Student rate €75
  • Full sexual health screen – Medical Card Rate (GMS)/ GP Visit Card €75
  • Full sexual health screen – Military Personnel (with valid ID Card) €75
  • Full sexual health screen – Couple rate €110 per person
  • Cryotherapy session (treatment for genital warts) €60
  • Cryotherapy session (treatment for genital warts) €40 (Student/Medical Card Holder)
  • Cryotherapy review €40

Charges for Rapid Testing

  • Rapid HIV Test €75. **If having this test in conjunction with a routine STI Screen; the additional fee to the STI Screen is €35**

Other fees include

  • Results appointment (if necessary) €35
  • Review appointment €40
  • Following examination, if routine blood tests are required there is an additional fee of €35
  • If specialist blood tests are required, this may incur an additional cost which we can quote you on