The Cross Border Directive: Access to Surgery Abroad made simple

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

The Cross Border Directive (CBD) allows patients to travel abroad for necessary surgery and then be reimbursed by the HSE. Charter Medical’s patient pathway provides a doctor-lead means of accessing the CBD, a non-co-payment element, and a guarantee that the patient will receive the full amount of the procedure cost. To access this service Charter Medical has partnered with Ramsay Health Care UK, the 4th largest hospital operator in the world.

We have designed a pathway for patients travelling abroad:

  • Free pre-travel clinical review at Charter Medical in Dublin which will include pathology, radiology, and physiotherapy where appropriate.
  • Free air travel and transport to and from the hospital nominated for the procedure.
  • One night’s hotel in a twin-bed accommodation beside the hospital.
  • Assistance with application for reimbursement from the HSE.
  • Free post-operative physiotherapy for our orthopaedic patients.

Charter Medical guarantees that there will be no additional fees for the patient above those refunded by the HSE. The patient will be required to pay the hospital directly but will be refunded the cost of the procedure by the HSE.

This service is available to patients 18 years and over.

Patients can contact Charter Medical directly by calling (01) 657 9015 or by e-mailing: