Who Pays?

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Who Pays?

The cost of treatment is required to be paid in full prior to travel and will be reimbursed by the HSE. Charter Medical will assist you in the reclaiming process.

The Charter Medical Promise

Charter Medical guarantees that there will be no co-payment element. Therefore, you as the patient are fully refunded for the cost of the procedure by the HSE.

What Costs are covered by Charter Medical and Ramsay Healthcare?

The cost of your procedure is covered in full.

Ramsay Health Care will cover the cost of your travel and accommodation up to €200.

Finance options, if required

If you need to borrow money to have your procedure we have reached out to local credit unions and they are happy to quickly assess your application for a short term loan. In the case where you borrow money from a credit union they will pay the hospital directly on your behalf and when you are reimbursed by the HSE for the cost of your treatment you simply reimburse the credit union. contact us for further details.