Women’s Health Services at Charter Medical

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Our aim here at our Women’s Health Clinic is to provide an easily accessible service to women to help them consult on all aspects of their health. Our team are trained to give safe, evidence-based, non-judgemental advice on a range of health topics including contraception, fertility and menopause.

Contraception Consultation Heading



There are lots of types of contraception on the market. During a contraception consultation our doctors will help identity which options are most suitable for you and identify any potential health risks.

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Express Contraception Clinic Heading



Fitting routine contraceptive checks in around busy schedules can be difficult.  We have an express clinic which is a dedicated lunchtime clinic for quick contraceptive checks. These appointments are ideal for renewing your prescription for the pill, patch, ring or injection. If you are new to contraception and are thinking of starting the pill, patch, ring or injection this clinic is also suitable for you.

Longer-Acting Contraception Heading



Some contraceptive devices last 3 years are more and involve a procedure to insert these either into the arm (sub-dermal implant) or the womb (a coil). The current sub-dermal implant is called the Implanon or is commonly referred to as ‘the bar’. Coils include Copper coils, Mirena, Jaydess and Kyleena.

Contraceptive Injection Heading



This injection is given every 3 months by the nurse and you will be required to see the doctor every 6 months to renew your prescription.

Emergency Contraception Heading



All our doctors are skilled in assessing your emergency contraceptive needs. This includes supportive advice and information about methods of emergency contraception such as the morning-after –pill and the copper coil. The morning-after-pill or emergency contraception can be prescribed up to 120 hours after unprotected intercourse.

Cervical Smear Heading



This test checks for abnormal cells in a woman’s cervix (neck of the womb) and is performed by one of our nurses or doctors. This is a screening test for cervical cancer and is provided free of charge for women who are due a test under the national screening programme. You can check your eligibility for a free smear at Have a look at our blog post on Cervical Smears for more info.

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Menstrual Cycle Issues Heading



Our doctors have an interest in women’s health and are available to see and advise patient on a range of menstrual issues such as painful periods, irregular periods and heavy periods.

HPV Vaccination Heading



We currently provide vaccination against the HPV (human papilloma virus) with the Gardasil vaccine. This protects individuals against the virus strains 6, 11, 16 and 18 which are the most common causes of genital warts and cervical cancer.

Pre-natal and Fertility Services Heading



Our fertility screen offers women an opportunity to optimise their health when preparing for pregnancy. The doctor will discuss general pre-natal health issues and address any potential risks specific to the individual woman. A full panel of bloods are requested including day 2-5 and day 21 hormone profiles and an AMH level. These bloods will be interpreted for you in a subsequent report. We also can provide additional services such as MMR vaccination and referral for semen analysis for men.

Menopause Consultations Heading



Our team are dedicated to optimising all aspects of women’s health in the peri-menopause and menopausal years. Our doctors provide up to date information on pharmacological (including HRT/hormone replacement therapy) and non-pharmacological ways to control menopausal symptoms. We also focus on bone protection.

Sexual Health Services Heading



Comprehensive sexual health screening and advice is available at the clinic through a team of dedicated nurses and doctors. Our team members are skilled at diagnosing and treating common sexual infections. Other services also include rapid HIV testing, cryotherapy and vaccinations.

health Screening Services Heading



Our health screens incorporate an extensive medical assessment with the doctor and an array of health investigations depending on the screen selected. Some of our health screens are offered at a discounted rate to those with private health insurance… check your policy out.


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